Welcome to my website! Here you will find my web creations that I've made public.

Site Features


MarkID (MID) is a free service that allows you to create an account that can be used everywhere on my site. Additionally, you can use it on your own sites to allow other people to connect to them using their MID account.

MarkID collects as little information as possible. Creating an account doesn't even require an email (although one can be given.

All data collected by MID:

Email (Optional)
Sites you connect to
Sites you've created


MarkChat is a free service that allows for optionally anonymous, optionally encrypted chat. You can create a room and invite other users to it, then enter an encryption key to encrypt messages. Encryption is done client-side, so the server never sees the unencrypted message.

All data collected by MarkChat:

Username (Optional)
Number of messages to show at any given time
Rooms you've created, and their name
Rooms you're a member of, and their name
Any messages sent (or their encrypted form, if encrypted)


For the most part, any other area of the site will only collect your username and whatever data is needed for that area of the site. No data is collected whatsoever if you aren't logged in to a MID account.

Privacy Information


There is no tracking of any kind on any domain or subdomain of this site.


Some of the site requires JavaScript to work. I highly recommend that you have JavaScript enabled. As previously mentioned, there is no tracking of any kind on this site.


There are no advertisements of any kind on this site.


Cookies are only used when you're logged in, except for one area of the site, where a cookie is used to dismiss a cookie notification.

Contact Information

If you need to contact me, there are a few ways of doing so: