Welcome to my website! Here you'll find my web creations I've made public.

Site Features

Unnamed Design System

I am currently in the process of designing and implementing a custom design system throughout my site. This page is using that design. If you'd like to learn more, go to https://design.marksill.com.


MarkID (MID) is a free service that allows you to create an account that can be used anywhere on the site. It also has a public API that you can use to allow users to connect their accounts to your site.

MarkID, just like everything else on the site, collects as little data as possible. Not even an email is required.

Data Collected

Data Optional
Sites you're connected to
Sites you've created


MarkChat is a free service that allows for (optionally) anonymous, (optionally) encrypted chat. You can create a room and invite other users to it, then enter an encryption key to encrypt messages. Encryption is done client-side, so the server never sees encrypted messages.

Data Collected

Data Optional
Preferences (messages to show at a time, etc.)
Rooms you've created and their names
Rooms you're a member of, and their name.


Other areas of the site will only collect what is needed. I don't collect any information for "behavior tracking" or anything like that. With the exception of private data, all data is publically available in some way.

Privacy Information

In case you couldn't tell already, I take people's privacy quite seriously. I have no interest in selling your data or trying to figure out what you like by observing your behavior.


There is no tracking of any kind on the site, aside from cookies used to see if you're logged in. These cookies aren't used to track your movements throughout the site. Server logs could contain this information, however.


Some portions of the site require JavaScript to function. Others can operate without JavaScript but use it in some places. Some areas don't use JavaScript at all. I highly recommend using the site with JavaScript enabled to get the full experience.


There are no advertisements on the site.


The only cookies are for storing whether or not you're logged in, along with a cookie to make a cookie notice go away somewhere on the site.

Contact Information

If you need to contact me, there are a couple ways of doing so:

Twitter (preferred): https://twitter.com/MarkSillian

Email (may take months to answer): marksillweb@gmail.com